<p>Be the extraordinary home service company with <Link href="//servicetitan.com">ServiceTitan</Link>.</p>

Link Colors

Just as with buttons, there are 3 color options for Links. Dark Grey is the default and depending on the link action, can be changed to blue for primary actions or red for negative actions or lighter grey for subdued actions.

    <Link href="//servicetitan.com" color="primary">Primary Link</Link><br/><br/>
    <Link href="//servicetitan.com">Default Link</Link><br/><br/>
    <Link href="//servicetitan.com" color="negative">Negative Link</Link><br/><br/>
    <Link href="//servicetitan.com" color="subdued">Subdued Link</Link>
<Link href="//servicetitan.com" color="primary">Primary Link</Link>
<Link href="//servicetitan.com">Default Link</Link>
<Link href="//servicetitan.com" color="negative">Negative Link</Link>
<Link href="//servicetitan.com" color="subdued">Subdued Link</Link>

Related Components

  • For a Link that needs padding or to line up with a button, use the Text variant of a Button.


import { Link } from '@servicetitan/design-system';