Quarterly Themes

  • Improve Contribution
  • Accessibility


Collection of components recommended for achieving specific user goals, such as notification handling, empty states, and page headers.

Primary Goals

  • Publish Notification guide

  • Publish Setup Flow guide


Building blocks of a page and user flow, such as buttons, forms, and text.

Primary Goals

  • Add Circular Progress Tracker

  • Sidebar Expand/Collapse Proposal

  • Scroll component


How we talk about and explain the use of the system.

Primary Goals

  • Table Documentation & Figma Feature Parity

  • Composition Component Documentation Audit

  • Add State component to Gatsby to simplify code examples


Enabling more users regardless of device to have great experiences using our products.

Primary Goals

  • More predictable focus with Form Field Labels

  • Keyboard-explicit focus styling

  • Improve responsiveness with Sidebar, Button Group, & Color Picker

Tech Debt

Reducing our technical constraints through using or not using third-party libraries and enhancing scalability of our system.

Primary Goals

  • Improve Kendo styling by using theme variables instead of overrides

  • Evaluate existing Button system


The tools involved in building & using the system.

Primary Goals

  • Explore CSS-in-JS methods. Create proposal to decouple project monolith

  • Explore Framer X and alternative Code-to-Figma concepts and review with team


How external teams learn about and use the system.

Primary Goals

  • Establish proposal process

  • Anvil Survey

  • Create monthly newsletter